Connected Healthcare

Locuslore+ Digital Platform serves the right purpose for the essential and critical need for medical healthcare. This video gives a quick overview of the major bottleneck that Locuslore+ solves in an easy and effective way.

Access the Locuslore Plus platform directly in your mobile without downloading any additional app.

Scan QR Code below -> Add to Home Screen -> Experience the Healthcare


Track all your medical and lab records in one secure place enabling to track the health progress faster and better.


Integration with lab devices provisions to automatically handle the test reports and track all the progress in one place.


Enables the doctors to get full access to the patient record history enabling to diagnose their patient with great care quickly and effectively considering all the side effects.


Identity tracking through QRCode provides accurate and fast tracking of patients and their records along with an excellent provision to connect the patient with their preferred pharmacies and labs.


Connect with your nearby clinics and doctors to get the right orders at regular intervals which gives you an upper edge to process it faster and schedule it for collection based on patient convenience.

  • Complete access to the medical records including historical safely stored in cloud

  • Automated and real time updates to the lab test process minimizing errors

  • Visibility of patient records including history to diagnose effectively, securely and quickly.

  • Facilitate more number of incoming patients with ease by connecting with their favourite labs and pharmacies

  • Get an automated notification to deliver the order faster or schedule a time for collection to have consistent sales maintaining social distancing.

Drive YOUR features. It’s all about YOU !

Secure Identity

Everyone involved in our ecosystem is identified by their secure digital identity and can access their data from anywhere in the world from any devices based on authorization enabling everyone to control their own data at ease.

Go (Securely) Digital

All the medical and lab reports are digitized and saved securely in the cloud with no compromise on security. Prime importance on data ownership allows you and only your authorized personnel to get access to it.

Family Health

Take care of your beloved ones health by sharing the health records and tracking their health information in one place which is available in any device any time.

Choice is YOURS

All the features are customizable as per your own needs. We can customize the product from any aspect for your specific needs and that would suit you perfectly at an effective cost.


All new advanced dashboard gives you an opportunity to see all the related information in one place provided with helpful analytics data to perform your day to day activities more better and useful.

What’s your Favourite

Network with your favourite healthcare professionals who know you better to get personalized care every time with no hassle. Connect with your favourite doctors, clinics, labs and pharmacists to maintain good and timely healthcare.

Predictive Dashboard with useful insights

The intuitive analytical dashboard can give an overall data for any given location in near real time delivering in-depth analysis that is invaluable particularly in crisis situation for healthcare officials and government

Integrating dashboard with smart alert system makes the notification system effective enough to keep everyone in the vicinity upto about the health related activities.


Improved efficiency with digitization and automation. Excellent tracking of patient records to provide more personalized care. In-depth analytics dashboard.


Faster patient registration and Identification process (Contactless). Quicker results with integrated lab services. Locality based business opportunities.


Easy and secure access to own health records including the loved ones. 100% freedom to choose their favorite healthcare professional in their vicinity. Complete healthcare solution in their immediate reach.


Near zero human errors with automated lab integration services. Faster patient registration and Identification process (Contactless). Strong partnerships with Clinics and Doctors enabling quick growth.


Automated notification for a retail purchase enabling more organized customer experience. Better tracking of inventory management with recurring purchase orders. Knowing their vicinity expectations better.

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